Jason Knox

        Hello! My name is Jason Knox, and I have been practicing injury and sports massage for over 17 years. I graduated from the Nevada school of massage therapy, which is the sister campus to the Utah college of Massage therapy. As part of its curriculum I had to take an anatomy course at UNLV where we studied cadavers. This gave me tangible hands on knowledge of the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves. After graduating,  I moved my family to Salt Lake City for a new start and a new career.

        Fortunately, soon after I landed a job working with Dr. Laney Nelson O.D.O.,a very successful sports chiropractor. Dr. Nelson taught me the importance of loosening up specific muscles to allow for a more successful and longer lasting adjustment of the bones. Frequently, Dr. Nelson would be so busy with other patients that he would just draw X's, circles, and arrows on the patients' skin to guide me to the exact muscles that needed to be manipulated. Many of Dr. Nelsons patients realized that the adjustments lasted so much longer when the muscles around the joints were lengthened and released. My own massage practice started to grow very quickly with many of Dr. Nelson's patients who suffered from chronic pain and were rapidly recovering from my sports and injury massage.

        I also started treating car accident cases and helped reverse many clients' chronic pain from minor to more serious car accident injuries, thus beginning years of successful sports and injury massage therapy.

        Tired of the long, cold Salt Lake City winters and longing to be near the ocean, I found the perfect environment and moved my family to San Luis Obispo, California to reestablish my business. With the many years of successfully practicing on hundreds of patients and honing my skills, I modified all that I learned into my own unique and highly effective techniques, "The Knox Method."  

        Currently, I have a very successful business here in SLO, and for over 6 years have helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life: young and old, professional and amateur athletes, and students from local schools, including high schools, Cal Poly and Cuesta College. Over time, I have gained a reputation of successfully reducing and reversing their chronic pain and injuries.

        My clients have told so many of their friends how much better they feel and how they were able to get back to playing their sports and functioning in the world again without pain and discomfort that I have earned most of my clientele through referrals.

        My business partner Joanna Bobbitt and I have joined together to bring you The Knox Method, which she has learned over the course of several months' worth of apprenticeship. With the combination of my techniques coupled with her expertise in yoga training, massage therapy and nutritional counseling, we teach private massage clinics, sports and injury yoga classes, nutrition classes, and individual massage as well.  We look forward to introducing you to The Knox Method.



Jason Knox

2760 Tenbrook Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

805-903-2672 | jasox70@gmail.com

Joanna Bobbitt

        Hello, my name is Joanna Bobbitt and I am 51 years of age. I was born in Chicago, but grew up in the Ventura area of southern California. I have 31 years of experience as a nutrition counselor, 17 years of yoga teaching experience, and 17 years of massage therapy experience. I have lived and worked independently on the central coast of California for 31 years. I love what I do and I love to teach and heal. I am always learning from my students and clients. I am also passionate about nutrition and a strident supporter of the organic food movement and teaching people how to eat locally and to eat responsibly. I have 3 beautiful grown children and 1 amazing little grandson. I'm overjoyed to be so fortunate to share the experiences I have gained over the years with you.

        I have been Jason's apprentice for the past 6 months. Together, we have designed a method using both of our talents. We call it "The Knox Method."

We teach private massage clinics, yoga classes, and individual massage. 



Joanna Bobbitt

 2760 Tenbrook Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

 805-440-5161 | jbyogamom@gmail.com