I was scheduled for hip surgery, because through an MRI, I found out I had a Tear in My Labrum. this is the cartilage that surrounds your hip socket. I was run over at age 7 by my moms car. she was not in the car, don't worry. that is what started my hip issues to begin with. Yoga and massage kept surgery at bay for many years, until now.  My name is Joanna, I'm a 51 yr old mother of 3.  and I have been a Yoga instructor and massage therapist for the last 17 years. I wanted to Avoid surgery altogether and go a more natural route, and obviously I believe in Massage therapy and yoga.but I could not work on myself. I began my search and found Jason Knox.( The Art Of Healing Sport and Injury Massage Therapy)
After only six sessions with Jason, I could play sports again. He said he could not fix the tear but he could release the painful lactic acid that had built up in my muscle tissue near the injury site. and he could relax all the muscles that were causing my femur bone to rotate poorly in the socket which was rubbing on the tear and causing me much pain, to the point of barely walking and not playing any sports! 
I believe in Jason's work so much so that I asked if I could apprentice with him, he said yes. I have been his apprentice and training in his method ( The Knox Method)  for 6 months now. I was already doing deep tissue massage but I wanted to learn his techniques. Jason and I also started a take home massage course and taught 2 six week long courses. that was a blast and I studied and learned a lot more. 
I no longer have pain in my hip but I still get a massage from Jason every other week for maintenance. I can proudly say that Jason trained me to the point that I am his massage therapist and we trade massages with one another.  Im so grateful to feel so great in my body again. 
Thanks to Jason.